Resolution 2013: A Precious Gift for Your Family

Getting started with an estate plan seems hard because we don’t want to think about our own demise. But there is joy in the process depending on your perspective. In reality, we can not know and experience life without the fact of death. By embracing the fact you put away the struggle of denying or fearing it and planning becomes an endeavor like any part of your day or week into which you apply energy and get a sense of accomplishment, calm, preparedness and peace of mind when you have completed it. My goal is to help you reach that result; to help you gain more freedom and enjoyment of your life by creating an excellent, affordable estate plan that will resolve without complication, simply as part of a celebration of your life, rather than an interruption and a costly burden of administration for your loved ones. Feel free to download one of my Estate Planning questionnaires below to help you get started! Make 2012 the year you give your family this precious gift: a well planned estate after a life well lived. I look forward to the opportunity to help you.

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